computer screen cleaners

computer screen cleaners: "Enter the revolutionary combo: The all new TVclean LCD/Screen Cleaner amp; The Microfiber Ecowipe Never before has this easy to use Hi –Tech cleaning package been made available outside of a lab or production environment. In fact, if you own a flat screen TV, Monitor or Laptop, the chances are the makers used this very same cleanin"


mechanical product design

mechanical product design: "In order to have a working model of a mechanical product design several steps have to be followed first. During the beginning stages simple sketches may be drawn that covers some of the client’s ideas and concerns about their product."


medical product design

medical product design: "Medical product design is simply product designing from a medical standpoint. Not only is it vital for designers to have the standard product design knowledge, they must also have some medical knowledge as well."


product design software

product design software: "There is only so much that a two dimensional image can show to a person. When dealing with product design it is important to be able to visualize every aspect of a product from the inside out."


product design consultants

product design consultants: "For the best results in new product designs it’s best to outsource the work to product design consultant firms. This will allow you to focus on other areas of the product such as the business aspect and ultimately the projected revenue potential."


industrial design glasgow

industrial design glasgow: "The best advice to give anyone looking for an industrial designer is to contact someone with experience and that can offer you useful insight. Don’t be afraid to let the designer push the envelope and design according to their abilities. As long as you provide the necessary information to them, the sky is the limit."

product design glasgow

product design glasgow: "For every product that is sold on the market, there must first be a product design. Product designs may vary slightly or significantly from similar products on the market."

product designers

product designers: "a nice wee blog all about some product designers from glasgow in scotland"



SIX NEW PRODUCTS LAUNCHED BY TEKNEK AT IPC/APEX: "Teknek, the global leader in contact cleaning technology, is to launch no fewer than six new products at the IPC/Apex show in Las Vegas. The company is marking its 25th anniversary with the new product line-up for all sectors of the electronics industry including at least four industry-firsts."



Nanocleen: "In 1984 when Teknek produced the worlds first contact sheet cleaner it started a quiet revolution in yield improvement. Manufacturing industries worldwide have saved an estimated $2.5 billion through the use of sheet cleaners and web cleaners based on the Teknek principle of contact (tacky roller) cleaning."


web cleaner

web cleaner: "why choose Teknek for your web cleaning needs"


web cleaner

web cleaner: "The NWP - Narrow Web Cleaner from Teknek has been specifically designed with key players in the label printing industry to significantly enhance the performance of Label Printers around the world"


web cleaner

web cleaner: "In today’s demanding converting environment all converters must achieve best possible performance from their slitting, rewinding, sheeting, embossing and other machines and systems. The goal is to maximise output, with minimal machine stops and with minimal material scrap and to the highest quality. After all, the quicker the current job is process"

products design

products design: "New product design and development offered by Meso Design, a bespoke, personal service offered internationally"