Car Hire Italy

Take advantage of car hire Italy on your next visit to Europe's food and style centre. Think about it, beautiful cities all over Italy will be within easy reach with car hire including the uber-fashionable city of Milan. With car hire Milan it's possible to experience all of the attractions that the city and its scenic surroundings have to offer.

Milan is a beautiful city that is known the world over for its cutting edge fashion and designs. In this style capital, you'll always be weighed down with bags and what better way to carry them around than in the back of your Milan rental car. Not only will you be taking the weight off your feet, you'll also be seeing a whole new side of the city. Hiring a car in Milan with Argus Rentals means you have the freedom to leave the city at any time you wish and take to the open road to explore scenic landscapes and fascinating history. In a city where shopping, eating and clubbing are taken seriously, something or someone is always vying for your attention in Milan. The city centre lies to the northwest and surrounds the famous train station built by Mussolini in 1931. Milan must-sees include Piazza duomo, Piazza Cairoli, Piazza san Babila and Piazza Cairoli. Wherever you travel in Milan, one thing is for sure, you'll be counting down the days until your return visit.

A Great U.S. Vacation at the Florida Panhandle

This may be a little off topic but I often browse through travel sites in other places other than Rome. Today let's talk about a great place to visit if you're around the southwest part of the United States.

The Florida Panhandle is a sunny place filled with excellent beaches and a relaxing atmosphere. This part of Floria is perfect if you're looking for great weather.

There are many things to do in the Florida Pandhandle - from all kinds to water activities like boating and swimming to sports like tennis and volleyball. Also, if you're look for something less strenuous, there's fine places to dine and wine and shop.


Why visit Rome?

Rome, throughout the ages, has been the goal of innumerable visitors and pilgrims and her attractions are not today inferior to those of the past.
After years of destruction in Europe, her impressive monuments, her enchanting sites of historical interest seem to have acquired a greater power of attraction for all the civilized world.