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Lake District lodges

Lake District lodges

Spanish Steps

One of the most characteristic places in Rome, and perhaps the most beautiful. Before descending the steps, you will note the Church of SS. Trinità dei Monti, beyond which a road leads to the Pincio, passing the Villa Medici. This affords an admirable evening stroll, just before sunset, as from the platform of the Pincian Gardens you get a magnificent view over Rome. It was on the site of these gardens that Messalina, the wife of Claudius, celebrated her orgies. Here also were the famous gardens of Lucullus, the giver of many feasts, debauches, races by torchlight, and every kind of frivolous amusement.
At the foot of the Spanish Steps flower-sellers make a fine display of their wares, but the beautiful artists' models referred to in old guide-books are not now noticeable.

S. Maria del Popolo

This church, a favourite burial place of cardinals and great personages, is almost a museum. Its outstanding feature is the Chigi Chapel, constructed under the direction of Raphael, and containing notable mosaics, frescoes and works of art by several notable artists.


S. Maria Maggiore

This is the greatest and most beautiful of Roman churches. It was founded A.D 352 to commemorate a miraculous fall of snow, which covered the spot of ground and no other,on the 5th August – a rare event at that season. This legend is celebrated every year on this date by the fest of La Madonna della Neve, when, during a solemn high mass in the Borghese chapel, showers of white rose-leaves are thrown down constantly through two holes in the ceiling.

In this splendid 12th century building there are in the Nave and Triumphal Arch mosaics of the first importance. The magnificent ceiling, dating from 1498, was gilded with the first gold brought by Columbus from America, presented to Alexander VI by Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain.

In the right transept is the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament, a gem of Renaissance art; while in the left transept is the Borghese chapel containing the tombs of Paul V and Clement VIII. Nothing can exceed the costly decorations used in this chapel.

A famous scene of violence occurred in this church in 1075, when Pope Gregory VII was attacked while celebrating mass on Christmas Eve and made prisoner. He was rescued, however, by the populace the next day, and with great courage returned to the basilica and finished the interrupted mass.


Car Hire Italy

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A Great U.S. Vacation at the Florida Panhandle

This may be a little off topic but I often browse through travel sites in other places other than Rome. Today let's talk about a great place to visit if you're around the southwest part of the United States.

The Florida Panhandle is a sunny place filled with excellent beaches and a relaxing atmosphere. This part of Floria is perfect if you're looking for great weather.

There are many things to do in the Florida Pandhandle - from all kinds to water activities like boating and swimming to sports like tennis and volleyball. Also, if you're look for something less strenuous, there's fine places to dine and wine and shop.


Why visit Rome?

Rome, throughout the ages, has been the goal of innumerable visitors and pilgrims and her attractions are not today inferior to those of the past.
After years of destruction in Europe, her impressive monuments, her enchanting sites of historical interest seem to have acquired a greater power of attraction for all the civilized world.

Roma Tickets

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The Republic of Rome

First Period (510-87 BC) from the expulsion of Tarquin to the Dictatorship of Sylla.
Second Period (87-30 BC) from Sylla to Augustus.

496. The Latins and the Tarquins declared was against the Republic and were defeated at Lake Regillus.
477-396. Wars with Veii and Etruscans. Veii taken by Camillus after ten years siege.
390. the guals,under Brennus, won a remarkable victory over the Romans on the banks on the little River Allia, after which the sacked and plundered Rome. However, they eventually returned to their own land and Rome was gradually rebuilt.
264-146. The Punic Wars, which culminated in the destruction of Carthage, the leading naval power in the Mediterranean.
88-86. Fighting between Marius and Sylla.
82-79. Sylla's dictatorship. Delcine of the Republican institutions.
60-53. The first Triumvirate: Caesar, Pompey and Crassus.
58. Caeser's campaigns in Gaul and Britain.
48. Pompey was defeated at Pharsalus. Caesar was assassinated on March 15, 44 (The Ides of March), during a senate meeting.
43. The Second Triumvirate: Octavian ( the future Augustus), Anthony and Lepidus.
31. Octavian defeated Anthony and Cleopatra at Actium (Greece).


The Kings of Rome

According to the legend, the seven Kings of Rome were : Romulus, Numa Pompilius, Tullus Hostillius, Ancus Martius, Tarquinius Priscus, Servius Tullius and Tarquinius the Proud.
667 BC. Romans and Albans contesting for superiority agreed to choose three champions on each side to decide the question. The three Horatii, Roman knights, overcame the three Curiatii, Alban knights,and unite Alba to Rome.
509BC. Tarquin the Proud and his family expelled for tyranny and licentiousness; royalty abolished; the Patricians established an aristocratic commonwealth.


History of Rome

Rome is situated on the banks of the River Tiber.
According to Varro's calculations, Rome was founded on April 21st 753BC.
Rome was first governed by Kinds (753-510 BC); then as a republic by consuls (510-530) and then finally by emperors (30BC to 476AD). During the middle Ages, the church established its temporal rule and Rome remained the seat of the Papal Court until September 20,1870 when the Italian Army entered Rome and the Eternal City became capital of a united Italy.
The Vatican, a small territory of 440 sq km occupied by St. Peter's Basilica, St. Peter's Square and The Vatican Palaces, is under the sovereignty of the Pope, and it has been called the “Vatican City State” since 1929.


Jean Jacques Rousseau

Jean Jacques Rousseau, was a French Political Philosopher. He was born in Geneva, 28 June 1712. This was a difficult time in France for government. The words of the French philosophers, travelled far during Rousseau's lifetime and it is said that Rousseau, was to eventually inspire the French Revolution. “I am like no one else in the whole world...” is how he began his book 'Confessions'.

As a student of Politics, Rousseau is a key topic when studying the beginnings of modern politics and political philosophy. I have to admit, when studying Rousseau, I found myself, becoming more and more interested in Rousseau himself that his philosophical/ political standings. Amongst the most intriguing of men, Rousseau truly believed himself to be an individual beyond that of normal self-appreciation. Nowadays It could be argued that Rousseau suffered dysmorphic Identity disorder, (formally known as Multiple Personality Disorder) or perhaps Manic Depression. He was referred to by other Parisian Intellectuals as a s”solipsist fantasist”, behaving in a way in which we might now view a romantic poet or artist.

He was both a professional musician and composer, as well as a best-selling romantic author. He enjoyed women, one woman, Madame d'Epinay's sister Sophie, Comptess d'Houdetot, in particular. Never to touch the woman, only to observe from a far, Sophie was both married and with a lover, Rousseau found his first and, it is presumed, his only love. It is said to be thought that Rousseau believed Sophie to the the real life incarnation one of his fictional characters, to which he referred to as Julie. Rousseau created many characters in his head, during his very own romantic period, with whom he held, many of his most treasured conversations. He did however, live for many years with a woman named Madame d'Warrens. Together they were entangled in a strange almost incestuous relationship. Madame d'Warrens choosing to become Rousseau's lover only to stop him seducing other younger women to whom he taught music, probably due to the Madame's jealousy. Rousseau, obviously feeling a strong needed for a mother figured, enjoyed a masochistic sexual orientation. His sexual needs almost lead to him being arrested, upon displaying his naked bottom to a group of women.

At an early stage in Rousseau's life he created his own musical notation, which he tried in many places to introduce, however; after a short return to Chambery, where he lived, he made his way to his apartments in Paris, France to present his ideas to the Academy of Science. Of course, he was unsuccessful; however he did not waste his time in Paris, creating a great network of friends...